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Shuttke Racks System

Who really need Shuttle Rack Systems ?
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1.there are large numbers pallets per SKU and the desire for greater storage density of Storage utilization by 90 ٪
2.Facilities with fast product turnover requiring extremely high throughput and maximum use of space.
3.Cold storage: the volume that needs to be cooled is reduced, resulting in energy-cost savings. Additionally, the presence of operators in low-temperature environments is unnecessary, considerably increasing the number of movements made.
  • HS-1107A
  • 73089000

Pallet width 1,200 mm
Pallet depth 800/1,000/1,200 mm
Load capacity Up to 1,500 kg
Travel speed without load Ambient: 110 m/min; cold: 76 m/min
Travel speed with load 70 m/min
Lift time 2 s
Operating temperature Ambient: from 5 to 45 °C; cold: from -30 to 5 °C
Battery Supercapacitors

Shuttle Racks

Advantage of shuttle rack systems :


Thanks to the way that the structure is built and given that forklifts do not need to drive into the lanes, the risk of accidents is practically non-existent, and the metallic racks are not damaged, meaning maintenance is kept to a minimum.

There is a user management feature that prevents unauthorised personnel from using the shuttles.

Both the racking and the shuttles have built-in safety features specifically designed to ensure the correct operation of the Pallet Shuttle system: rail end stops, pallet centralisers, position sensors, etc.

2).Increased productivity

Increased flow of goods in and out of the warehouse.

Unlike conventional drive-in systems, references can be grouped by channel, rather than requiring a full lane, which allows for greater diversification.

Optimisation of operator movements. Product-to-person system: this is the load that moves to the operator.

While the Pallet Shuttle carries out a command, the operator can collect another pallet, thus achieving continuous movement.

Depending on temperature and load conditions, the shuttle has an operational range of up to 10 hours, working at full capacity.

The lithium batteries are easily accessible and have fast connections that eliminate the need for cables, so that they can be changed quickly without interrupting the operation cycle.

Elimination of errors.

The system is easy to use and easy to maintain.

Inventory function: The shuttle can take stock of the number of pallets stored in a channel.

3).Cost effective and time-saving; not requiring the use of special forklifts ;

Low level of risks or damage to the equipment and operating staff ;

Fast and sustainable; automatically handles pallet picking and retrieval ;

Offers more effective, high-density storage ;

Can pick up, deposit and re-organize pallets with great precision

Operating temperature ST: 0°C to +45°C / BZ: -1°C to -30°C / Hybrid model can be used in both temperature ranges

Available in different models designed for various pallet configurations

Application of shuttle racks 

food & beverage 

chemical industry

Radio Shuttle Racking Systems Working Video


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