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Steel Decking for Mezznine Racks

What is mezzanine floor decking boards ?
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Mezzanine steel flooring decking boards is made of steel Q235 and roll-formed to a special section which can make each piece locked and connected each other. It is widely used for the mezzanine flooring , storage rack decking ,walkways, platforms, safety barriers, ventilation grates, and drainage covers. Galvanized available .
  • HS-9107A
  • Hongsheng
Technical data
Dimensions: L2,000/3,000mmxW200mmxH40mm
Load capacity: 200Kg Up 350 Kg/per square meter
Materials:        Steel Q235
Warranty:        10 years normal use
Color:             Galvanized

Mezzanine Floor Decking

Mezzanine Decking

Catwalk Decking

Heavy Duty Rack Decking


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